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Tax planning

If you are looking for a tax consultant in Montreal, then then go no further than RA CPA.


As a tax planning service provider in Montreal, we make sure when we take care of your taxes, that you beneficiate from all legitimate possibilities to reduce your taxes within the law, by highlighting the different sections of the tax code which apply to your situation. We explain the different possible alternatives for each part, and we finally agree with you on the strategy that best fit your overall goals.


If it is personal taxes that keep you up at night, and you are looking for a local personal tax advisor near you to discuss possible deductions of employment expenses, or if it is which expenses apply to your self-employed situation that is not very clear to you, or even, which tax strategy you need to select for your rental property, then you are in safe hands at RA CPA.


If you are a company’s owner, who is looking for corporate tax planning service provider to freeze the value of your own company so that your children beneficiate from a lower tax burden hen it is time to pass the torch. If you contemplating to reorganize your own corporate structure, if you are intending to sell your own business, or even to buy a new business, you are, definitely, looking for ways to have the most suitable tax structure for your situation. At RA CPA, you will be presented with different possibilities, discuss in depth the benefits and risks of each option. And once a strategy is chosen and agreed upon, we will make sure that a smooth, professionally, and timely implementation takes place.


GST and QST, or sales taxes in general have an important implication on any selling or buying transaction whether it is a sale of a business or a purchase of a real estate property. Needless to say that having us RA CPA as your tax consultant, will ensure proper tax papers are correctly prepared and filled so that no costly errors and tax penalties are avoided.  


When it comes to Canadian residents leaving the county and becoming none residents for tax purposes, many issues related to emigration taxes could increase the emotional, financial, and logistics pressures facing them. Non –resident tax compliance and planning is the last thing those people will have on mind. However, those matters need to be taken very seriously to avoid costly errors. At RA CPA, as a tax compliance consultant, you will be presented with a plan to address your personal situation covering compliance for departure tax, rental property compliance for non-resident, as well as the needed complex tax work for sale of Canadian property by a non-resident.


Finally, new immigrants to Canada, face a complex tax regime in their first year as residents of Canada. choosing RA CPA as you tax advisor will guarantee a careful consideration of each new immigrant situation as well as the filling of proper tax form for each case. Whether it is T1135 form the T1134 form or anyone else, you will be assured that costly mistakes are avoided.

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