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Accounting Services Montreal


In many instances, business owners wonder what are the differences between the different accounting reports which their bankers, partners, and private lender ask them to provide.

In fact, Accounting firms in Montreal, may be the best resource for you to inquire about the different set of accounting service that they could provide, and which one among those reports will best serve your needs.

At RA CPA, we believe it is critical that we sit down with our clients, and go over all the possible CPA services that we could offer them. We further elaborate by outlining the benefits and costs of each option, and through understanding the client’s business we could suggest the service that will provide best value for money for that client.

As a matter of fact, RA CPA, offers all the CPA services. To illustrate that idea, it Is best to give a brief description of those reports.

We could summarize those service as such:

A compilation engagement report, is a report where the professional accountant will indicate that he or she has simply done a preparation of the financial information, which reflect the operation of the business and its financial status at a point in time. The financial information is prepared based on the selected accounting policies by the client. Usually those type of reports are good for banks to obtain and maintain a decent size loan.

If a review engagement is what is needed, then the report that will be issued by the CPA with an auditor license is a limited assurance report on the operation of the business, and its financial position in one point in time. However, the assurance provided is limited to the fact that nothing came to the attention of the auditor that the financial information in the report are erroneous on misleading. Furthermore, the accounting policies selected need to be those of the Canadian accounting principal for private enterprise.

When an audit service is what is opted for, then the CPA with an audit license, will provide a positive assurance report about the financial operation of the business and its financial health at one point in time. This is the highest type of assurance a CPA could offer. And for sure it is the most expensive among the three reports.

The other accounting Services, provided at RA CPA varies between doing your entire bookkeeping work, providing payroll services, personal balance sheet, personal tax preparation.

Finally, when it comes to CPA Advisory Services, those varies between advising on the best accounting policies to select, help in using accounting software like QuickBooks or Sage.

If you searched for a CPA Advisory Services near me, do not hesitate to contact RA CPA, as you could be provided by prompt solution to your situation.

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